New Graduate Science


Software Development Services Division

【From】Waseda University,Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Information Science and Engineering
【Year of entry】Year 2016

This is my work

Modification of ERP system for a major telecommunications company

I am mainly involved in unit testing and code modification for the modification of an ERP system. The amount of data handled is enormous, so it is necessary to be aware of performance even when writing a single piece of code.

That's why I love this job! Episodes related to what made me happiest

Exposure to a variety of programs

You can use what you have learned and further refine your knowledge. If you are proactive in the field, you will have many opportunities, and you will feel that you are growing every day as you take on these challenges.

Why I chose this company I like it here

The president's story was fascinating

The reason why I chose our company was because of what the president said at the interview. I was attracted by his words that the company aims to be a group of engineers who are always in touch with and incorporate the latest technology and who can work not only domestically but also internationally. I was also attracted by the fact that the company has experience in stable partnerships with world-class companies in Japan and offers an environment in which employees can learn and experience high technological capabilities.

Key points of this job

Career to date Systems Engineer
Occupational group Systems Engineer (SE)
What we do Work with goods and services that are essential to daily life and surroundings
Work Style Work that requires patience and concentration
People involved in business Work to be carried out with people who are known as professionals in their field
What you learn on the job Be sensitive to new developments,Acquire a wide range of knowledge
Particularly suited personality People who play with tenacity in everything they do

Job hunting advice from seniors!!

People are suited to different fields, so it is important to go for an industry that suits you. It is dangerous to make a decision based on something that you just wanted to do, even if it is not easy to decide.