Participation in PegaWorld iNspire 2023


Participation in PegaWorld iNspire 2023

This is Komatsu from the president's office.

June 11-13, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV, Pegasystems, Inc. We have participated in PegaWorld iNspire 2023.

This was the first time the event was held in four years, since 2019, due to the interruption in Corona, More than 3,000 people gathered at the MGM Grand Hotel as usual.

Nihon Insight Technology , Inc. was one of the 44 global sponsors and the first sponsor from Japan. Nihon Insight Technology, Inc. was the first sponsor from Japan to participate in the event.

In the keynote, Pega's technology for transforming into a self-sustaining company was introduced. and the introduction of Generative AI was also presented.

At the Innovation Hub, we introduced the introduction of Toyota Finance Corporation's "Customer Proceduralization System" and other products at the booth of Nihon Insight Technology, Inc.

Overview of the "Customer Proceduralization System.

We were able to communicate on-site with Pega executives, global customers, and partners, as well as introduce our Pega initiative at the NIT booth, making our participation in PegaWorld very meaningful.

We hope to be among the first to introduce Pega technology, which will continue to evolve, to Japan and help our customers promote DX.

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