Training for new employees in FY2023.


New employee training.


I am a recruiter at Japan Insight Technology Co.

An initiation ceremony was held in April, and new employees are currently undergoing training.

In this issue, we would like to report on our usual training programs!

Basically, the training is held in a conference room at the head office.

We can't all fit in one conference room, so more than half of the training is done via telework.

This year, there will be an opportunity to come to work about two days a week.

Java is the main focus of training at Nihon Insight Technologies Co.

You are all taking this very seriously . . . ! Your concentration is amazing ❗️ ❗️ ❗️

Trainees often teach each other what they don't understand. 👨‍👦

You can ask your instructor, of course, but I hope that all new employees will help each other to get through this difficult training! 💻

These are scenes from our usual training sessions.

Other new employee training programs include interim debriefing sessions, business etiquette training, and lectures on the Japanese language of argument.

We hope that the new employee training until June will greatly strengthen the company.

I hope you will make use of it in your future work! 📚

See you then! 😀

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Because of being a young company, it will with all the employees who join the company be able to realize that we make history with all the employees who join the company.
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