Enterprise Web System development by future ground breaking Java/Scala engineers.
Since Java's inception, our Java specialized engineers accumulated know-how to satisfy users' needs that are hard to handle by packaged solutions.


Finance, Securities, Non-Life Insurance Public/Government, Universities/Laboratories

  • Major City Web banking system, Secutities Credit dealing system
  • Bank Credit system
  • Financial institution JAVA EC software package
  • National Lab Super-computer net security research assistance
  • Electronic government system local government portal site framework development
  • Bank financial institute aggregation system (by contract)

Information and communication

  • ISP provider billing, customer management system
  • Music distribution equipment development through internet
  • Content delivery system for major electronics manufacturer
  • Performance evaluation system for next generation mobile phone
  • Internet telephone billing system
  • Streaming delivery system (chat system) for major electronicsmanufacturer
  • Mobile phone-based CRM system
  • Provider content delivery system
  • Multimedia (digital imaging) delivery system
  • Java-based management system for major advertising firm
  • Java-based management system for television broadcasting company
  • Advanced firewall equipment development
  • Digital TV service
  • Felica application development
  • Large scale multi-TV conference system


  • Design management PDM system for electronics manufacturer
  • Attendance management system for major communication equipmentvendor
  • management system for major electronics manufacturer (domesticand overseas)
  • Web-based technical information management system for major automotivemanufacturer
  • Web-based technical management system for major camera manufacturer
  • Distribution management system for major steel manufacturer
  • Sales assistance system for international airline company
  • Electronic component EC-site development for major trading company
  • EDI system for trading company

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We have an ambition like "we open up the future with technology we carry out into the world"and are established with continuing effort to become a leading company in the industry.
Because of being a young company, it will with all the employees who join the company be able to realize that we make history with all the employees who join the company.
We are currently executing hiring activity.
With Nihon Insight Technologies carrying out the technology into the world, you are expected to perform all the capability you have.

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