About Insightech
Corporate Background:


Nihon Insight Technologies Corporation is a software company with the cutting-edge Java skills and technologies.
Since its foundation in 1998, we have grown as "Java Experts" and have developed enterprise systems for industries

such as financial services, manufacture, E-commerce, transportation and telecommunications.
We have become partners with overseas software venders and have imported the latest enterprise IT products such

as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), ESB (Enterprise Service BUS), BPM (Business Process Management) and

E-commerce software package.  With these products, we are providing our own Java professional expert services.

  Corporate Profile:
  Office Address:
Sanpuku BLDG., 4-8-2, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Tel. 81-3-5524-2259
Fax. 81-3-5524-2258
  Insight Technologies America, Inc: Insight Technologies America Inc.
200 Broadhollow Rd., 207 Melville, NY 11747 U.S.A.
  Management Team:
  Satoru Ikewada, President and CEO
Toshio Kajiyama, VP 
Yoshio Goto, VP
Hisashi Ikewada, Director General for Administration
    Strategic Solutions

Nihon Insight Technologies and hybris in Germany went into partnership in March 2012. 
Since hybris was founded in 1997, it has been leading the global e-commerce
operations of the world’s biggest retail and manufacturing brands, including: Nikon, Bridgestone, Adidas, Lufthansa, Douglas, Reebok, Ericsson and H&M to name just a few. By enabling companies to create a powerful, consistent customer experience, hybris helps them drive company growth, differentiate from competitors, and reflect commitment to customers and the core principles behind their brand image. Most importantly, hybris is delivering on this vision today. Unlike other vendors in the market, hybris offers a solution that is proven and battle-tested  one that consistently exceeds the expectations and goals of hybris’ customers worldwide.

>>hybris corporate introduction (pdf)
>>hybris Multi-channel Strategey(pdf)


  (PegaRULES Process Commander) is a software product created, licensed, and marketed by Pegasystems Inc (NASDAQ: PEGA). PRPC is the core component of Pegasystems's "SmartBPM" suit of BPM (Business Process Management) solutions. 
Pega, with PRPC, have the current industry leading BPM software platform, as recognised by 2 key respected industry analysts Forrester and Gartner. The accolade comes after being compared against similar platform offerings from other vendors. 
PegaRULES Process Commander comes essentially as two discreet entities, "PegaRULES", which is the core Java-based/Object-Oriented Rules engine, and "Process Commander", which is a layer of pre-configured rules that are designed to provide a solid foundation to enable rapid onward development and customisation in order to create applications to fulfil the needs of the diverse client base using the technology.

Company Introduction

  POLESTAR"!, an Enterprise IT Management and Monitor solution optimized for internet environment, is a set of enterprise IT real-time performance management (server, network, DB, Web application service, desk top, virtual environment, etc ) and IT service management software. 
This provides intuitive graphical view to display heterogeneous IT infrastructure environments ranging from IT operation management to find IT device malfunction to IT service management to achieve agreed service level agreements. 
From dashboard display, the operator can easily drill down to the root cause of the incident. POLESTAR consists of “agents” that collect data from IT infrastructure, “manager” which analyzes data and processes the data and “station” which provides a data inquiry through a web browser. 
Agents can be diversified with respect to operating systems or management indexes. Manager which is an integrated framework can be easily implemented with its functional plug-in modules and individual products upon client requests.


The EnginFrame Grid Portal provides an efficient infrastructure to put Grid-empowered applications on your corporate Intranet/Internet. 

Application interfaces can be tailored to the specific users' skills or access right.  Users can therefore access and control their computing and engineering resources via an intuitive, standards compliant Web interface, virtually from anywhere using a standard Web browser.


NetworkComputerTM by RTDA is a fast and complete job scheduler.  It maximizes the utilization of your computers and your software licenses.  

NetworkComputer supports fair share, priorities, and preemption.  NetworkComputer offers a built-in browser interface for reporting and a dynamic graphical user interface for visualization.

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