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Customer Engagemnet Solution

Customer Engagement Solution

The communication method has dramatically changed by the clients' behavioral patterns with increasing usage of mobile devices, internet and SNS applications. Hence "Customer Engagement" strategy has become the most important subject in order for every enterprise to provide satisfactory services that increase customer loyalty. Nihon Insight Technologies is committed to supporting these customer with our IT solution knowledgement.
We provide the optimum system development services with packaged softwares that are based on proved technologies domestically and internationally from five areas "E-commerce", "Marketing", "CRM", "BPM" and "Sales Management".


Pega enables to optimize global enterprises' customer experiences and leads them change their office process automation.


hybris software is a commerce solution that helps global business expansion. hybris seamlessly integrates any channels regardless of customer contact methods and devices including internet, store, mobile, etc.

Lightbend Reactive Platform

Lightbend Reactive Platform developed by Lightbend Inc. is a powerful development platform for building Reactive applications.