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For building Reactive applications, you can leave it to Nihon Insight Technologies, a Lightbend's authorized partner.

  • Reactive applications for cloud multicore era
  • Lightbend Reactive Platform
  • We support Reactive applications building

For Reactive applications in the era of cloud multicore

  • Responsive

  • Resilient

  • Elastic

  • Message Driven

Reactive applications let users have highly responsive and comfortable experience that is resilient on work load and barrier.

Lightbend Reactive Platform


Lightbend Reactive Platform developed by Lightbend Inc. is a powerful development platform for building Reactive applications.



The traditional method is difficult to manage operations of Reactive applications developed by microservice. With the use of ConductR, Reactive applications manager, optimized operation management is possible.

We support Reactive application building.

We, the Java/Scala engineer group of Nihon Insight Technologies, are promoting the widespread use of Reactive applications, as a partner of Lightbend Inc.

Seminar/Training schedule

We are planning the following seminar/training shortly.

  • Free-of-charge Reactive Programming seminar
  • Scala basic training
  • Scala application training
  • Akka basic training
  • Akka application training