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How Better Businesses Need ToT

Pega becomes a connecting bridge between a customer and various support systems for enterprises by functioning as a mobile/SNS-based Omni-Channel that offers elegant engagement system with an intuitive UI/UX interface.

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How: Instant Agreement by Collaboration of Process and IT

Pega enables to instantly create an executable model with the collaboration of process and IT by replacing traditional paper-based requirement definition expression with user-friendly Web browser-based business modeling tools.

Instant Agreement by Collaboration of Process and IT

How: Automatic Application Generation   Deployment

All programs are generated from a model defined with business modeling tools. Pega enables to create a software system that flexibly translates business requirements into finished applications - without manual programming and results in automated programming.

Automatic Application Generation & Deployment

How: Optimize Customer and Case Lifecycle

Unlike traditional BPM, which forces work to rigidly follow predefined paths, Pega Case Management System, in order to achieve the optimized goal, automates everything that can be automated and guides work that requires flexible human judgment.

Optimize Customer and Case Lifecycle

pega systems

pega system
  • Founded in 1983 in Cambridge, MA, USA
  • On NASDAQ stock market (ticker symbol: Pega)
  • Over 500 global leading companies have implemented Pega solution
  • Continuous growth with over 24% growth rate for 8 years
  • Offers global services including consulting and support
  • Partnership with over 5,000 Pega certified professionals
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