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Finance, Securities,
Non-Life Insurance

  • Major City Web banking system, Secutities Credit dealing system
  • Bank Credit system
  • Financial institution JAVA EC software package
  • National Lab Super-computer net security research assistance
  • Electronic government system local government portal site framework development
  • Bank financial institute aggregation system (by contract)

Information and communication

  • ISP provider billing, customer management system
  • Music distribution equipment development through internet
  • Content delivery system for major electronics manufacturer
  • Performance evaluation system for next generation mobile phone
  • Internet telephone billing system
  • Streaming delivery system (chat system) for major electronics manufacturer
  • Mobile phone-based CRM system
  • Provider content delivery system
  • Multimedia (digital imaging) delivery system
  • Java-based management system for major advertising firm
  • Java-based management system for television broadcasting company
  • Advanced firewall equipment development
  • Digital TV service
  • Felica application development
  • Large scale multi-TV conference system

Manufacturing /
distribution service

  • Design management PDM system for electronics manufacturer
  • Attendance management system for major communication equipment vendor
  • Sales management system for major electronics manufacturer (domestic and overseas)
  • Web-based technical information management system for major automotive manufacturer
  • Web-based technical management system for major camera manufacturer
  • Distribution management system for major steel manufacturer
  • Sales assistance system for international airline company
  • Electronic component EC-site development for major trading company
  • EDI system for trading company