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Commerce platform hybris handles omnichannel, product content management, multiple currencies and multiple languages.

  • EC that enables to fight a battle in the global market
  • EC that can be deployed in the market in a short time
  • EC that is compliant with omnichannel


Three reasons why hybris is chosen

three reasons

1. EC development software highly acclaimed all over the world

Over 500 global enterprises have implemented hybris with numerous success cases. According to Forrester Research, hybris has been chosen as the top solution of global commerce platform.

2. Enables to build latest e-Commerce with low risk for a short period

EC system can be built for world-wide deployment in as short as three months. Highly scalable and flexible new system development and replacement of the existing systems can be done with low risk and for a brief period.

3. Consolidated management of omnichannels

hybris integrates seamlessly any various channels from internet, stores and mobile method regardless of types of contact methods and devices. hybris consolidates management of omnichannel information and data and leads to optimzed final sales performance.



It is becoming an urgent issue to be able to expand business throughout the world and to aquire EC site that can handle omnichannels.

For this purpose, hybris is the integration solution that existing packages do not provide.

hybris offers high performance search engine, merchandising capability, mass data management(MDM)/PIM, order management and Web content management including Web commerce and mobile commerce to B2C and B2B sites.

  • Handles multiple languages and multiple currencies for global deployment.
  • Has built-in site search trend analysis and leads customer to channel site of interest.
  • Linked to Facebook and Twitter
  • Enables system monitoring by various reporting customization.
  • Unified management of stores, call centers, merchandise basic information from EC site, campaign information and indivisual customers' purchase record.
  • Consistent product information delivery to any channels.
  • Background linking of existing distribution system and inventory management system.
  • High reputation as trend in commerce business according to Gartner Inc. and Forrester Research.