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Embedded Control System Development

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Embedded Control System Development

Introducing embedded control system development

We offer and support embedded control software systems to Japan's strong technology fields such as automotive, digital home electronics, mobile phones, printing devices, electronic devices along with operating system, drivers, languages and application software. In 2006 our engineer was introduced as a representative of our strengthened company as a renowned Java implementor in "Embedded Software Report 2006" supervised by Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Software technology

We have turned our enterprise Java know-how into embedded control system development enablement. Our responsiveness coming from being embedded system authority, realtime measuring & control instruments handler and electronic circuit design engineer at management level is our competitiveness to understand customers' and market needs and trends at company organizational upper level and quickly meet their demands. We focus on realtime Java technology that is rapidly progressing. Recently realtime Java is catching big market attention. This comes from its high reliability, maintenability and economy that are better than traditional products. Also recent further development results come out as higher performance products. In the U.S. the aerospace and defense industries that require high reliability have started using realtime Java products.
Our company takes the initiative in offering high reliability "Next Generation Realtime Java" product and support for digital home electronics, automotive, mobile phones, printing devices.
We will continue to meet customers' needs in embedded software engineering services from proposal planning, consultation and development support.

Embedded System Design flow

mbedded System Design flow


  • Combined scanner/printing machines
  • Printers
  • Audio/Visual systems
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital TVs
  • Digital networking devices
  • Car/Vehicle navigations

Target market: Semiconductor chip manufacturers