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Our Java/Scala engineer group is breaking future IT ground to meet the needs of the society that demands quick and scalable systems with mobile devices that enable the fusion of mission critical core system and SNS.

We offer and support embedded control software systems to Japan's strong technology fields such as automotive, digital home electronics, mobile phones, printing devices, electronic devices along with operating system, drivers, languages and application software. In 2006 our engineer was introduced as a representative of our company as renowned Java implementor in "Embedded Software Report 2006" supervised by Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Through our office set up in Boston, Massachusetts, USA we have been able to introduce innovative software packages to Japan with associated engieering support. We are currently focusing on Pega and hybris. Pega has been a popular BPM (Business Process Management) solution among global blue chip companies in industries such as insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, networking and CRM. hybris is being recognized as a solution to enhance global omni-channel E-commerce.